**Student News** – Aki’s amazing 15-flights in 3-days trip!!

Congratulations to Bond student Aki for her incredible recent trip to the islands of Okinawa and Kagoshima! Aki booked a JAL Island-Hopping trip which featured 15 flights in only 3 days. Amazing!

Aki is a huge plane-lover, and flying and taking pictures of planes are a few of her favorite hobbies. Let’s check out her rockstar schedule.

She left Osaka on Sunday morning from Itami at 7:10 AM, and arrived in Fukuoka at 8:35 AM. After a 15-minute layover, she left Fukuoka at 9:25 AM and arrived in Naha, Okinawa at 11:20 AM.  She then took off from Naha at 1 PM, landing on Yoron island at 1:40 PM. After about a 1-hour layover, she left Yoron at 2:50 PM and landed on Amamioshima at 3:30 PM! After landing, Aki rented a Yamaha 125cc scooter and cruised around northern Amamioshima that evening and the next morning.


She visited a few beautiful beaches:

With interesting rock formations:

Saw a few horses:

and caught a gorgeous sunset:

What a day! And nice view from the hotel!

Day 2’s first flight left Amamioshima at 10:40 AM and arrived at Tokunoshima at 11:10 AM.

Then, Aki left Tokunoshima at 11:40 AM and arrived in Okinoerabujima at 12:10 PM.

Check out the rest of her flights on Day 2!:

Okinoerabujima 12:40 PM – Naha 1:30 PM

Naha 2:25 PM – Okinoerabujima 3:20 PM

Okinoerabujima 3:50 PM – Tokunoshima 4:20 PM

Tokunoshima 7:00 PM – Kagoshima 8:10 PM

Day 2 had some amazing cloud effects:

And cool turbo-prop planes:

Day 3 began in Kagoshima, with a beautiful sunrise view of the airport:

Aki’s first flight of the day was from Kagoshima to Yakushima, 8:45 AM-9:25 AM.

Nice view of the Sakurajima volcano:

Then another flight from Yakushima back to Kagoshima, 10:00 AM -10:30 AM.

Another interesting view of Kaimondake in Kagoshima:

And Tanegashima island, next to Yakushima, home to JAXA’s spaceport launch center!:

Aki had several hours until her 3:15 PM flight from Kagoshima to Itami, so she visited the airplane museum in Kagoshima airport:

Check out this real flight simulator:

And more beautiful clouds on the way back to Itami from Kagoshima:

Her last 2 flights of the day were:

Itami to Tajima, 4:55 PM – 5:30 PM

Tajima to Itami, 6:00 PM – 6:35 PM

That’s a lot of boarding passes for one day:

Incredible trip Aki!