***Student News*** – Asami Hori NYC trip!

Congratulations to Bond student Asami Hori on her fantastic voyage to New York City recently !!

Asami spent five days in ‘The Big Apple’, an affectionate slang word for New York City !

She had a busy five days, catching as many of the sites as possible.

New York City is legendary for art and creativity, one of the greatest examples being the many elaborate murals found on building walls of the city.

Bushwick, Brooklyn has become a haven for art and has over 50 art galleries, along with a tremendous amount of vibrant, exciting murals, and large-scale graffiti.

Asami spent a day in Bushwick, check out some of the highlights! :

Asami also had a chance to visit Chelsea Market, a famous indoor food hall with more than 35 shops, located on 9th Avenue between 15th and 16th Streets.  From sweets to savory, Chelsea market has it all, always with an ultra-gourmet twist!

Asami grabbed a lobster for around ¥1700, served with melted butter. Americans love to eat steamed lobster dipped in melted butter!

She also got to see the new World Trade Center in downtown Manhattan, which at 541 m, is almost as tall as the Tokyo Sky Tree!

Asami also had time to visit Korean town in Manhattan. Located near W. 32nd St. and Broadway, with over 150 Korean shops including restaurants, beauty salons, and large companies, she had the classic ‘chijimi’ which we call ‘scallion pancake’ in English.


She also saw the  statue of Liberty, went to the Broadway musical Aladdin, visited the MOMA Museum on 53rd St., and walked over the famous Brooklyn Bridge!

Great trip Asami!!


今回はボンドイングリッシュに通う生徒の1人、堀 阿佐美さんの最近行かれたファンタスティックなNY旅行をご紹介します。

阿佐美さんは‘The Big Apple’ (NYCの愛称)に5日滞在されました。可能な限り沢山の観光地を訪れた大変忙しい5日間だったそうです。




そして32丁目とブロードウェイを中心に150店もの韓国レストランやショップやネイルサロンまた大企業が存在するコリアンタウンにも行き、レストランで日本でもよく知られているチヂミ’英語では’scallion pancakeを堪能したそうです。


Great Trip, 阿佐美さん!