Student News – Hikari’s study abroad trip to Canada in September!

Congratulations to Bond student Hikari for her recent move to Canada!

Hikari is studying abroad at Fanshawe University in London, Ontario, Canada!
Hikari graduated from high school in Osaka in March 2021, and started studying English at Bond shortly thereafter!

To help save money for her move to Canada, she worked 4 part-time jobs this past summer: a ramen shop, a bento shop, a sandwich shop, and teaching English at a juku (after-school study), she was very busy!!

Hikari had previously studied abroad in Ajax, Canada, with her host family, and attended Oak Ridge High School in London, Ontario.

She fell in love with Canada, and now she’s back in London, going to a native English speaking college, great news!

Hikari’s hobbies include reading books, watching movies, and fashion and hair design.

Her top 3 favorite movies are 1. Spider-Man, 2. Detective Conan, 3. Dead Pool.

Have fun in Canada Hikari, congratulations on the exciting study abroad trip to Fanshawe College!