***Student News*** – Hiroki’s lunch at Michelin 3-star restaurant Epicure in Paris!

Congratulations to Bond student Hiroki for his epic trip to Epicure restaurant in Paris!

Hiroki has been studying with Bond teachers David and Justin for over six years and he is a chef at Tsuji cooking school in Tennoji.

Epicure is located in Le Bristol hotel located at 112 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honore in Paris, and the head chef, Eric Frechon, has a Michelin 3-star rating.


Dining at Epicure is a rare experience so let’s take a look at this extraordinary restaurant.

Perhaps Chef Frechon’s most famous dish is his macaroni stuffed with black truffle, artichoke, and duck foie gras, gratinee with aged parmesan, only ¥12,000!

For their first course Hiroki and friend had foie gras on a stick covered in sweet sauce, mixed nuts, and nori. To the left, steamed egg custard, and to the right, small roasted chicken with light tomato white wine sauce:

Next, for the second course, a soft baguette in a cup with sun-dried tomato and basil:

Check out the architectural butter:


For the third course, a dream-like scallop mousse, topped with a thin circle of baked gruyere cheese, in a vegetable soup with chives and onion:

Next was the main course. Hiroki had the blue lobster with lobster-shell cream sauce and squid, while his friend chose the rolled fluke fish stuffed with chanteley mushroom ragout, asparagus, and white cream sauce:

After the main dish was this lovely cheese course:

And finally they moved out to the garden for a heavenly dessert course. Green apple sorbet above green apple rods, strawberry, and finished in basil sauce:

Fresh strawberries filled with cream:

And, a strawberry shake:

And don’t worry about the price, lunch is only around ¥50,000 per person!

Thanks for sharing your incredible experience Hiroki!!