Student News – Kana’s Study Abroad Trip to Malta!!

Congratulations to Bond student Kana for her study abroad trip to Malta!

Malta is an island in the Mediterranean Sea, south of Italy.

Kana will be studying at EC Malta English School from January to May in 2022, looks very exciting and fun!

She will study Monday-Friday, 3 classes a day, 90-minute classes, finishing every day in the mid-afternoon, with plenty of time for other activities after that.

She will be living in an EC dorm, in a private room with a shared kitchen, where she will make her own food every day!

During her trip to Malta, Kana wants to visit France, the city of Lisbon in Portugal, and as many cities as possible in the UK.

Kana is excited about studying English so she can make many new friends, watch movies with no subtitles, and speak with people outside of Japan.

Kana flew from Osaka to Dubai, then from Dubai to Malta, on Emirates.

Very exciting trip, congratulations Kana!