Student News – Momo’s trip to Okinawa!

This blog post was written by Momo and edited by Justin.

We went to Ishigaki Island from September 24th to 30th.
We stayed 6 nights, 7days.
We took a direct Peach flight from Kansai Airport at 2:00 PM, and arrived in lshigaki Island at 4:30 PM.

After landing, we took a taxi to the hotel.
We checked in, and went to many Izakayas to eat dinner.
We ate many famous foods in Okinawa:
zimami-tofu, umibudo ,Ishigakigyu and more.

The food was very nice.
During our stay in Ishigaki, we changed hotels every night! Ishigaki is a small island, with many hotels, so we wanted try as many different hotels as possible! We stayed here 1 night, the ANA Intercontinental Hotel:



We also went to Kohama island:

We stayed on Kohama island 2nights, at the Haimurubushi hotel:


The hotel is very big, 8 times bigger than Tokyo dome!
So,we used a golf cart to move around the hotel.
It was exciting.


Kohama island has many beautiful beaches.
At Haimurubushi beach, the ocean was very shallow,
so we could walk out very far!

We went to Maboroshinoshima by ferry.
It’s a sand bar!

We took a snorkeling tour from Ishigaki port to a large coral area, halfway between Ishigaki island and Taketomi island.
This tour used a drone which took many beautiful videos and photos!


We went to beaches and pools every day, swimming and taking naps everywhere!

We were lucky with the weather, it was sunny every day.
In Okinawa, the sky felt close,

and the stars were incredible.

We also saw shooting stars for the first time.
I felt the beauty of nature in Okinawa.
Thanks to my best friend Ako who went on this trip with me!