***Student News*** – Tomoko Hiei Bali trip!!

Congratulations to Bond student Tomoko Hiei for her recent trip to Bali in Indonesia!

Tomoko was in Bali from December 21st-25th with her two older sisters!

Bali is an island, about half the size of Shikoku, in the Indonesian archipelago, about a 7-hour flight south of Japan.

Tomoko arrived in Bali in the evening, and like most tourists, was ushered to a dinner on the beach by her taxi driver!

The night-time experience of sipping fresh-squeezed pineapple and watermelon juice, sitting 20m away from the ocean, is not to be missed!


Her first night in Bali, Tomoko stayed in a 1BR villa at the new Hoshinoya resort, overlooking the sacred Pakerisan river, with 3 gorgeous pools, traditional villa design incorporating Balinese wood, ceramics, and tiles, and intricately designed Balinese art. Café gazebos were also gorgeous, perched high above the jungle floor among the trees, so close you could touch the coconuts hanging from the branches!


The next day Tomoko went souvenir shopping in the famous town of Ubud. Ubud is well-known for its exotic and lush landscape, many Hindu temples and shrines, traditional Balinese crafts and dance, and Ubud monkey forest! Unfortunately it was raining that day,  but here are a few pics of Ubud when it’s sunny:


On her 2nd day, Tomoko did several activities at Hoshinoya resort, including aqua yoga in the pool, sun-salutation (morning greeting to the sun) yoga, 3-hour estee + spa treatment, and a Balinese craft workshop involving making flower arrangements for the gods!

After moving to a new villa at Vinila Nusa Dua, with private pool, Tomoko spent her last day in Bali relaxing at her villa, enjoying a delivery estee and massage treatment, as well as a delivery BBQ!

Great trip Tomoko!