Student News – Yuki gets TOEIC Score of 880!!

Congratulations to Bond English student Yuki for his epic TOEIC score last month! He got an 880 TOEIC score!

On the TOEIC Listenng section, Yuki only missed two questions!


He took the TOEIC test for future job opportunities, and because he was curious what kind of TOEIC score he could get.

This was his first time taking the TOEIC test!

Yuki is a third year student at Kansai Gai Dai and is majoring in English and sociology. He has been studying at Bond English since December 2021.

Since his parents were never interested in traveling, Yuki has never been abroad. So how did he become such a good English speaker???

When he was a child, he studied English by listening to English music, singing English songs, and watching English movies. Perhaps most important was watching English movies. He watched Toy Story and Cars many times!  Maybe over 20 times each!

Watching English movies is a great way to remember new vocabulary, popular phrases and sentences. Recently he has been listening to Kevin’s English Room podcast, and will be traveling to Australia in late August.

Great job Yuki!