***Student News*** – Yuki’s Okinawa scuba trip!

Congratulations to Bond student Yuki for her six day epic scuba trip to Okinawa!

Yuki has been a scuba instructor for four years in Australia and studied at Bond for four months while on break in 2019!

Yuki‘s Okinawa adventure began with the flight from Kanku(KIX) to Naha on Peach Airlines, about a 2-hour trip. After getting checked-in and unpacked at her hotel, Yuki‘s first full day was a scuba trip to see a sunken ship, the USS Emmons!

The USS Emmons is a 106m-long US Navy Destroyer which sank on April 6, 1945.  It lies 45m below the surface off the coast of Kouri Island in northwestern Honshu.


After driving about two hours from Naha, Yuki took a 10m boat out to the site and led three dives down to the Emmons.  Cool!

After the diving day, with about 10 customers, Yuki enjoyed local sashimi, goya champo, seaweed tempura, and Orion beer for dinner.

On her second diving day, Yuki took a boat from Naha to Tonaki Island to see coral reef and a 15m deep underwater cave.  Her diving students had fun jumping from the side of the boat, and, check out that cave!



On her third dive day, Yuki went to Kerama National Park, which consists of  Aka Island, Zamami Island, Tokashiki Island, as well as many more small uninhabited islands.  Kerama is located about 45 minutes by high-speed ferry from Tomari Port in Naha.  On this day, Yuki and her other scuba instructors had 50 Japanese high school students as guests,  spread across three different boats.  They completed three dives at depths of 3-5m over coral reef.  There were lots of fish but Yuki was too busy watching all the students!

On her fourth day, Yuki had a free day with no scheduled dives, so she went shopping on Kokusai Dori and got some Okinawan salt, then drove up the East Coast to the middle of Honshu, and came back down the West Coast.  Nice road trip!

On her last dive day Yuki went back to Kerama, this time to the eastern side of Tokashiki with 4 of her regular customers. They saw a dramatic 40m drop-off cliff packed with coral and saw a pretty big king fish and turtle!

On her sixth day it was back to Osaka, with a very big hangover, they drank almost every night!

Great scuba trip Yuki!