Student News – Yusuke passes EIKEN Grade 2 interview test!!

Congratulations to Bond student Yusuke for passing the EIKEN grade 2 English interview test!

Yusuke is a first year high school student at Otemae high school near Osakajo park.

Yusuke started the intensive course at Bond English in June, studying two times a week to prepare for the EIKEN interview test. He then passed the EIKEN interview test in early July!!

Yusuke has been to America, Italy, and Santorini Island in Greece!

He loves Soccer and practices with his high school team 4 to 5 times per week, usually playing the position of center midfielder or right wing. His favorite professional team is Manchester United, and his top three favorite players are Andres Iniesta from Spain, David Beckham from the UK, and Karl-Heinz Rummenige from Germany.

His favorite music recently is:

1. ‘Sai Hate Ai Ni’ by Radwimps

2. ‘Yesterday’ by Official Higedan Dism

3. One OK Rock

Yusuke is continuing with Bond English as a regular group student, congratulations Yusuke!!