Student News – Yusuke passes EIKEN test!!

Congratulations to Bond student Yusuke for passing theEIKEN test this month!!

Yusuke took the EIKEN 1st stage, consisting of reading/listening/writing, in January, in Tsuruhashi, Osaka.

He then took the 2nd stage, speaking, on March 1st in Higashi Sumiyoshi-ku.

Yusuke just got his test results yesterday, and he successfully passed EIKEN level Pre-2!!


Yusuke celebrated his wonderful test result by having a few drinks at A-Bar in Fukushima, Osaka.

Yusuke will also be going to Hawaii during Golden Week 2020 with friends and colleagues, staying at the Trump Hotel Waikiki.

Congratulations to Yusuke for his great passing result on the EIKEN Pre-2 level test!!!