Student News – Aoi passes the EIKEN Grade 2 test!

Congratulations to Bond English student Aoi for passing the EIKEN Grade 2 test!!

Aoi was studying the EIKEN Grade 2 test at Bond English, concentrating on the interview part of the test.  She was taking EIKEN Grade 2 practice tests at Bond for several months, and we are very happy that she finally passed.

The EIKEN Grade 2 interview test consists of a short 20-second reading, followed by 1 question, which is answered verbally.  Next, Aoi had to look at a short story consisting of 3 pictures, and then describe the story verbally. In the final part of the test, Aoi had to answer 2 blind questions verbally, and, she passed!

Aoi has been to Hawaii, Canada, France, Korea, Egypt, Guam, Italy, America, and Australia, very impressive for a 12-year old!

Aoi likes singing and music, she’s been listening to a lot of K-Pop recently, mostly Twice, Black Pink, and Le Sserafim.

Great job Aoi!