Student News – Aoi’s trip to Kyoto + Mie!

Bond English student Aoi recently took a great day trip to Kyoto and Mie, let’s hear about her adventure!

On a Sunday, Aoi and her friend drove her friend’s Daihatsu Tanto to the Kyoto Acquarium!

They saw a giant salamander,

many jelly fish,

and a Japanese toad!

After the acquarium, they drove an hour and a half to Nabana No Sato, the beautiful botanical garden, in Mie.

There was an interesting carnivorous plant!!

And they saw Peter the Rabbit!

Beautiful lights were illluminated next to the river. Look at those reflections!

They saw this amazing illumination show:

including the Big River of Light,

the Tunnel of Light Flower Gallery, a 100-meter illumination tunnel consisting of various flower designs!

And this cool genie motif!

After taking in the night illumination experience, they drove back to Osaka.

Incredible day-trip Aoi!