Student News – Kan’s trip to see the Aurora!!

Bond English student Kan recently had an epic journey to see the Aurora in Yellowknife, Canada! Let’s read his incredible story!

Kan, and his 2 friends, took a 1-hour flight from Itami to Narita airport, and then an 8-hour flight from Narita to Vancouver, Canada.

They hung out in Vancouver for 1 day, visiting Tim Horton’s Donuts, and then walked to Stanley Park, where they saw these interesting Totem Poles.

They then left Vancouver at 5pm, and flew to Yellow Knife, arriving around 11pm!

They immediately started preparing for the intense cold, with night temperatures around -30, by renting Canada Goose jackets, boots, and gloves.

They then walked to Aurora Village, which has a few teepee style tents with hot food and water.

The guides recommended that all visitors stay outside only for 20-minutes, due to the possibility of frostbite 凍傷! They went out into the frozen night, and were very lucky to see dramatic displays of the Aurora.

They finally got to bed around 4am!

On their second day in Yellowknife they took a dog sled ride across the gorgeous frozen Canadian tundra and had hot chocolate with marshmallow.

Thank you Canadian Goose jackets!!

On their 3rd day, they tried a mini-bobsled run, well, more like a luge!

And on their 3rd and last night, they saw more beautiful Aurora lights, and some unforgettable stars.

On the way back to Japan, they had time for one more visit to A&W for burgers and fries.

Incredible trip guys!